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how to make yourself invulnerable?


Press D to dodge, while you're dodging, you're invencible.

of course, but I remember there was a bug for invulnerability, was it fixed?


That's cheating 😓.

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i'm sorry :,(


And yes, it was fixed.

Update the story, make the progress of the story faster


"Buy him a house, pay him the bills".

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Youre the Reason Devs hate to be in direct touch with their comminity during an development phase

I have no problem with how many times people ask me about it😉

He isn't asking, he is demanding 😆.

Lip is right hes not asking.


I make a little of that every day👍

I hope one day there will be skills or characters who have skill possession 

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Do you mean to copy skills? Nene is already doing that, every weapon has the skills of the boss.


Yes, that's possible with the current system.


I want to make sure that by winning battles the mc gain new skills👍


love how lip is always helping people answering their questions she's awesome


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Btw who are you? Some kind of community manager? A fellow fan of mofu who is in contact with mofu? Mofu's friend? I am new to the game so I don't know.

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"I'm his wife".

I've been following Mofu for more than 10 years, and I've been following his games since a few years. I'm trying to help Mofu as much as I can.

And I'm probably the single person who always tells him what I really think, so if I seem to be rude with him it's because I don't want him to make the things wrong, since he is much better than he thinks he is and sometimes he tries to make the things fast just to satisfy some impatient people.


Sound like friendzoned person

I could never be his wife 😆.



Lip is my friend and my guide. I'm always super grateful to her🤗. But I don't know anything about her.😓


Question: "What's new"?


Thank you Lip for writing that link🤗

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Is this a bug that i am loosing health? It only happens in this place (before the mushria battle location and not in the other two places with water) also how long until the next update?


It's toxic water. That's why it's purple.

As I've said right below (but now extended):

Mofu doesn't has a certain date to release updates, he updates the game when he has the update ready.

Also Mofu has 2 kind of updates, 0,0 updates are big updates, and 0,0,0 are bug fixes and small things. The second ones are way more usual.

Mofu's updates are slow because he is the only developer and can only work on this game in his spare time.

Once it's finished, Mofu will sell this game on Steam and by a price arround 1.000¥/8$.

But he will keep updating the beta until it's almost finished. And the demo will remain available after the final version is published.


Thank you Lip for your reply🤝. Yes, that pond causes two problems: suffocation and poison damage. So the MC needs to get out from there immediately.

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Oh, then is that purple air in some places different? Like here?

This is the single poisonous pond that you will find yet.


Shouldnt you get it after you recieve the Massage that she was poisoned?


There is no message, and it would be unnecesary. A message would increase the panic of the player and reduce the visibility.

That water doesn't look healthy 😆.


I mean After she faints


Oh, yes, those are images, not text. Or at least they were 🤔.


Okay, I would like to add the ability to explain what caused her to fall👍


dude props on the game love the hidden little things like the spikes in the ground hidden shelves I think your doing great love to see more 


Mofu's updates are slow because he is the only developer and can only work on this game in his spare time.

Yes, this game will be added hidden places in various locations👍


This game is incredible, the graphic quality, compatibility with Joystick Controls and USB Keyboard, being able to choose the Graphic quality between High and Low, good characters and very well elaborated animations, I liked the game, I'm trying it out and learning more how to play haha, I'm still seeing how it makes the character not pregnant because it has 100% status but I don't know how to do it


To give birth, talk with Momo.

Here you have a guide that I've made.

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Hey lip did you want me to make the newer version of that as I know where evry thing is for ya ill do it when my pc is fixed just so you don't have to worry about it?

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A picture has a limited space. That's why I've not included everything here. Just the most important to finish the beta.


these guides that you make are so great. please make more when larger updates are released 


I plan to remake this one, and add one with the current items in other.


Yes, that's right! And thank you for making that great FAQ image🤗

Thank you for enjoying this game! I intend to make this game even more of a game with huge content😉





Rip pc had killed it self on Friday and geting fixed next Friday fingers crossed I guse I was grinding to hard on Thursday so sad never got my 69 I wat on 56 so close 


If it was the HDD/SSD, then yes.

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Just here to ask question don't mind me if the update comes out is it will automatically get updated when you aready have the app installed and you already have progress on the game or you gonna need to delete it and download the update version? Just a quick question :)


I will explain you how does this works.

A launcher allows you to update a game. If you don't have a launcher you will need to download the new version by yourself ( only has a launcher for PC).

And if the save folder is inside the game, you should copy that save to other place, but this game has its save folder in other location, so it's safe to overwrite it (in android) it's better to delete the old version in PC.

I'm on tablet though


It's the same OS, Android. So it works the same 👍🏻.

Thank you for explaining that!🤝 Yes, for the Android version, the player can update it by simply downloading and overwriting the APK.

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Is there a reason hat Linnea is the only enemy thats "mindcontrolled" that doesn't chum and dont even got a Hard on while getting "crued" by Nene ? I want to see her and her sister getting hard so Bad.

Also I found some thing that maybe needs some attention. The big bouncy moshroom always triggers the Double jump of the Jetshroom even when you dont press any Buttons. Ist a bit Tricky to get up there using it.

And the First fight against Remy... sholdnt it be ending  or at least contain the wonderful animated drawing you made mofu ? It does only trigger when loosing the fight am I right ? Thats just sad. It's just too pretty to be hidden like this in the Gallery.

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1- Maybe Linnea is a more delicated girl 🤔.

2- I don't get what you say, it must be your controller because I don't have that bug.

3- It has one if you lose, and no, Nene doesn't have sex with her yet, and it would be very rude from Nene to do such a thing with someone that is fighting for her life and doesn't want to have sex in that moment. That would be a violation. And it's not hidden since it's unlocked even if you win.

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On your 1 point. I don't think that you can say someone who is completely written over by an unknown power and  has nothing of their personality left is able to keep his delicatness.

On your 2 point maybe you're right my controller is pretty shit.

On your 3 point. I didnt even asked for sex please dont misinterpret my question. I dont want Ramy to be used by Nene for the players delight in any way. i wanted to know why the drawing is only occurring when you loose. Bc ist nearly impossible to loose. And that means it is almost never occurring. It would be verry easy to let Remy land one opeing Attak on Nene and start the Real fight after the Occurance of the drawing.

1- They do, there you have Cynthia who is defeated because she wants to suck Nene's penis.

3- Oh, I've thought you meant to add other scene after you win, but anyway, it's in the gallery. And remember that you get one scene after defeating her, when you break her clothes.

And Remy will get many pictures in the future, and is the only one who has the option to see her body right now.

1 I've never seen it that way... interesting

3 At least in game. The others you can see in the Bestiary. But it's true she has her own unique things. Still it feels like the sisters are kinda the fist characters in this game and Nene only interacts twice with Remy and once with Linnea. I kinda feel sad for them. 

But forcing scenes is bad too.

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Hi mofu! The succubus are under construction but if she had a fight do you plan to add a charm mechanic?

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Please dont ask stuff mofu could think of as an Suggestion 😉


Mofu have a lot of ideias probably the succubus will need to wait.

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I hope she doesn't have to wait for too lang since she's super cute and I want to know what mofu worked out for her.

I intend to complete her in the near future👍

The little succubus uses magic while floating through the air. I'm thinking of a mechanic that surrounds the mc with chains that restrict her movement and make her immobile when touched😁

This sounds super interesting. Looking foreward to it


I love you Lipstor and Mofu

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The latest update was fun specially the new event or option after defeating Wuelie, I would like to suggest that could you add scenes or art when Nene touches her penis and it begins to become erect as well as being electrified, I love your art Mofu!! X3 it would be perfect and cute at the same time. 

The part when Nene's balls gets huge was exaggeratedly weird XD I think that big fat Mushroom girl is the only one that I don't like, maybe there are people who enjoy and loves big fat girls so I respect their preferences. My favorite characters are the Fox sisters, Momo and Wuelie 

Something I would like to suggest in this game is that could have a certain order to finish the game for example unlock part of the map after defeating each boss and I was wondering about the Angel's statue, I think it should be the first place to go after helping the fox little girl if whether the statue will give the power to Nene could return to her village In exchange for collecting semen from each boss 

I was wondering how and when the empty bottle will be used? We see it with Wuelie so I was wondering. 

I love the game and keep working on the game without rushing please! 

Everyone should understand that developing a game requires a lot of job and time! 


Now he is going to add those images 😓.


Thank you for playing this game!🤝 Yes, I would like to add a certain order to this game. In order to do so, the map will have to be largely reworked. Because currently the player can fight any of the bosses.

And the empty bottles will be able to collect semen and milk from various characters.


i think the open space with the single caves setting the to move freely is just a kind of sanbox enviromet for  mofu th complete the caracters in a enviroment not too complicated to design bc its never gonna stay like this in the process of making the game


It wasn't supposed to be like that, but he will re-design the whole map if someone request it.


Supposed to be like the current state ? bc i like the current version


I mean to order the map instead of leave it like this.


i hope this wont happen bc the map has so much potential he hasn´t used so far. so much "empty" or lets say to this time not used space

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You mean Nene touching Wuelies Penis ? Or her own. If you mean Wuelies then the whole start of the Scene doesnt make sense. Bc Nene reacts on Wuelie being fully errect. And if you mean her own.... Nene didn't intended to get Ponded by Wuelie. According to the Animations Nene just wanted to Jack Wuelie off to relieve her. So touching herself has no purpose for this. It would just add a ton of work to mofu.

I think it means that Nene is touching Wuelie's penis. So I would like to add a picture of that scene if I have time😉

See what I said 😓?

I see

Of Nene toching Wuelies errect dick ?

That would look nice. 😍 

But Anna stated she wanted a Picture of Wuelies Penis getting Errect. And that doesn't makes sense because Nene starts talk to Wuelie because of the errection. If her penis isn't errect Nene doesn't have a purpose to talk to her.

(1 edit)

You're doing the same 😓. And what that user said has a mistake, and it's not what you say, it's that Nene says that Wuelie takes her down when she was about to masturbate her.

And in fact, this should have been the scene instead of the current one. But Mofu added that sex scene by other request about Wuelie.

The events of the game are being made due requests, so the internal logic that Mofu made is broken when he makes these things.

Mofu said that he wanted to make this by masturbating the girls, not having sex, which doesn't makes sense since Wuelie cums in Nene and not in the bottle.

The description says that Wuelie makes electricity with her hair if I'm not wrong 🤔.

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Thats true but i think he states on the scene where Nene touches Wuelies Penis and gets elecroduced.

Poor Nene 😢.

But this is what happens isnt it ? Maybe I used the wrong word...

I mean after they met.

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Hi Mofu and Lip here the latest German translation: 

i hope you can make use of it.

i also found a error in the English translation where Wuelie says: I am unintentionally this when you are around.

it has to state: I am unintentionally like this when you are around

i also found a clipping error in the scene with Nene and Wuelie. After Wuelie came and she and Nene righten up a bit Wuelies dick clipps in front of Nene and it looks like she just grinded her Dick against Nene´s Belly the whole time. 


Yes, but Mofu doesn't try to check the translations, that's why I try to translate the english and spanish translation from the original. I'm fixing that too, it's been translated that way to every translation.

Lip, thank you for always correcting the translations😉

To be fair its reasonable to don´t check translations into languages you dont speak

Oh, I don't mean that, I mean to translate file per file.

If you drop a huge text, the translator will make weird things.

thats absolutley true... sadly nobody has jet developed an system to translate big portions of text without smashing them to usless babbling in the result. And the best electronical translaters ones will most likely fail on word groups bigger than 6 words. Rendering their meaning non understandeble

sadly i cant provide more use to you than my German translation bc every other language i speak is not sufficient enough to provide a good and useble translation. i would love to support you more than this


Just for the German translation I thank you greatly🤝

Thank you so much for giving me your great translation!🤗💕 I will add it to the next update. Also I will correct the errors in the English translation. And thank you for pointing out the bug as well!


at least this is something i can provide for you to make your and Lips job a bit easier


Oh no i just found two text lines i didnt translate. I will spot them in the .txt and translate them today evening.  I hope I can forward them to you tomorrow. I'm really sorry for messing up.

Thank you for your kindness! Please take your time as there is no need to rush it🤗💕


Hello Mofu and Lipstor! I played the new update and I loved the new stuff, There are some details I would like to mention but I feel sorry Dx

Why 🤔?


Maybe he doesn´t want to add another Pile of ideas to the Bucket.


Yes, it was exactly that. So now we're going to see more images of Wuelie for the next update 😓.

but thats not especially bad isnt it ?


Ophelia and the other girls don't think the same.

Thank you for taking a look at the new update! And you can say whatever you want here😉

Since you show the tendency to do everyting the comments say im afraif manny people will keep quiet about their ideas. Just do make sure you stay focused, and dont get too much distracted. 😉

(1 edit)

What you've said has been said many times by many people, and he won't listen to you as he didn't made with the others or me.

And that's the reson of why Ophelia and other girls are stuck, because he made an android version and all of this instead of focus (add many bugs to every request he added and you will know why the development is stuck):

1- Added the system to roll backwards if you press the rolling button at the moment the MC is blown up and hits the ground.

2- Added the system to roll when the MC gets up from a fallen position.

3- Added Android version.

4- Added a button to change button size from 100% to 200% in the lower left corner in Android version.

5- The button guidance display has been changed to the joystick button in the Android version.

6- Changed to hide the navigation bar on Android version.

7- Improved the bow action to be smooth (only for controller).

8- Improved that any window can be closed by ESC key.

9- Improved the controller buttons on the Android version.

10- Modified the crouching operation not to be executed until the bottom 45 degrees.

11- Added the ability to automatically walk Puppet.

12- Changed Linux save folder.

13- Improved Android version to move the center of joystick.

14- Added some settings to Android's version.

15- Modified Android's UI.

16- Added soil for dogs to dig.

17- Added an explanation of how to operate in water (by the way, this was added on the second water pound, so it doesn't makes sense, and it was that hard to know how to swim? There were a lot of players stuck because of that).

18- Added a function to switch weapons by pressing the key from 0 to 9.

19- Added many signs of unfinished (this was requested by an user who said that he find annoying to find an unfinished area on a beta without an explanation...)

20- Modified the Android's version to run without pressing the run button.

21- Added the function to apply effects to dialogue text.

22- Modified the crouching to keep until the player releases the keys.

23- Added a dog sign.

24- Added animation for Linnea's look back.

25- Added Momo's weapon.

26- Modified to allow for later getting Momo's weapon.

27- Added skill points.

28- Removed skill points.

29- Changed skill points increase to life point increase.

30- Displayed an arrow above them when talking to someone.

31- Modified Android's UI.

32- Added function to show minimap in top right if you have a map.

33- Added a face icon to the map.

34- Added shoes that the main character can always dash when equipped.

35- Modified Android's UI.

36- Added Cynthia's Hammer to Weapons.

37- Changed to walk when running with rabbit slippers.

38- Removed mini-map.

39- Added the action to pee for the skunk.

40- Modified how the dodge operates.

41- Increased the time and frequency of Linnea getting exhausted.

42- Modified the operation of the joystick on Android.

43- Removed the Joystick image on Android.

44- Added a skill for Cynthia's hammer.

45- Added voice when puppet is damaged.

46- Added the ability to tap to move pictures up and down on the status screen.

47- Removed the behavior of the main character grabbing onto the wall underwater.

48- Added ability to move images up and down with a tap on bestiary screen.

49- Added checkbox to hide pregnancy effects on status screen.

50- A system to take a dog and a puppet at the same time.

51- Added "Rest" special action.

52- Added MP recovery to Nene while she uses "Rest" action.

53- Added HP recovery to Nene while she uses "Rest" action.

54- Added magic powers to Nene, she has been changed from an elf that was unable to use magic, to one who is able to use it since she was born.

(1 edit)

This is just phycopatic... You really just recopiled and toke notes of that, you really need to go to a phycologist. And don't be offended by that, like i accepted if you toke like 20 or 15 notes, but 54! You really need to relax on that

This is not okay

Lip, I apologize that I haven't been able to add something that really needs to be added anytime soon😢. I respect your opinion and will try to add it.


What a fantastic start so far, a couple issues that came up for me was that going up while swimming feels a bit off (could just be me?) and my puppet glitched where it just stopped doing anything.

Also, as Lipstor has pointed out, the Cynthia event is bugged, just showing support for that getting fixed (it feels like the most important thing)...


Yes, swimming would be easier by moving holding a button instead of taking impulse.


Thank you for letting me know about the bug with puppet stopping and Cynthia events!🤝 I will check it out.

I have told you about them for a long time 😓.

Sorry I have not been able to add that yet. Please wait a little longer.

I think it would be fun to have an option where u can cum inside someone once u have your balls huge after defeating and saving the big tiddie girl or have the option of having sex when u are chubby, with muscles, huge or small boobs and balls if u can add one of those i'd be happy

The sprites change when you differ your appeal so its basically already like this.

Or I dont get the point you wanna state. Then im sorry

But that’s not been added yet, so he doesn't know about this.

I'm also worried about that, I would like that Mofu only adds the body shapes, size modifications, and complete outfits.

If he starts to add every item, this could be an endless task for him, and some scenes would look strange 🤔.


Even if they could look strange we could at least have that option the problem is it would give too much work

(1 edit) (+1)

I mean... a scene where Nene is just wearing a hat, or shoes...

To redraw a whole scene (hair, shadows...) just to add 1 hat is...

I'd say to just add if she's chubby with either big boobs and balls or stuffs like that just change her boobs, balls and body structure like chubby or the other one


请问在角色状态界面的stick9+和stick10-是干什么用的?( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )


(2 edits) (+2)

Mofu, there's no reason to cut corners just to get the game out quicker, take as much time as you need. More time means a higher quality product.



Thank you for your kindness! I will take my time and build this carefully.🤗


I'll go to the hospital now, I will try to make again both translations after I return. I hope this time they can be added 😓.

I will save them in other folder just in case they vanish again.


You don't have to even do that, prioritize you're health


It's fine, I'm already in a very bad situation, and I can't make anything to change it.

I wish you good luck, but seriously, take a break if needed, you're gonna overwork yourself on translations that aren't needed at the moment




I have a lot of health problems.

But right now the biggest problem is in my stomach and kidneys.

So I have to go for a few hours to the hospital every day.

oof i have kidney related problems aswell i wish you the best of luck recovering!

Thank you 🙇🏻‍♀️.


Cheer up

Everything will be fine

If we are cured of deadly diseases in our country in a free polyclinic, then they will put you on your feet all the more :)


Thank you.

Well, Spanish public sanity isn't very good right now... A huge percentage of the medics now complain because they can't keep calling to do almost everything.

And that shows that the same percentage is only there for money and not because they like their profession 😅.


Wish you luck


Thank you.


Keep it up Lip and try to stay upright. We try to be there for you


Thank you 😓.

I always hope that your health will improve. And please don't ever do anything to hurt you😞


If a new version is updated, does the archiving of the old version apply


If you're use the mobile version, overwrite the apk.

If you're in PC, delete the folder and extract again.

The directory that contains the save data is in an isolated directory.

Yes, thank you for explaining that!🤗 Also, this game is automatically updated when you use the itch app.


Report this spam bot (


I finished


"Our game doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content according to the TOS."


reported as usual


Oh and remember it's free just for a very limited time, so try to download the vir- I mean game as fast as you can!


Doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content but include virus,haha.Eliminate advertising men.

Someone gave him a like 🤔.


probably another bot.

Similar stuff happens quite a bit whenever malware makes its way onto the Google Play Store; bots will upvote and give false positive reviews of the malware to help ensure that the malware gets downloaded by as many people as possible.

Yes, it tries to scam people in many ways. But I'm convinced that people in itchio are smart and no one will be scammed.👍

If you think that one like is something, I got vote brigaded by the threat actors for telling Cherry Kiss Games about the impersonator.

Nah, I'm sure someone clicked 100 times by mistake.

Thank you Lip for reporting them🤝

Oh, this is amazing Mofu, you said that you didn't wanted to add a single mana bar because Nene doesn't has any magic. So Nene doesn't has MP, the MP she uses is the weapon's MP.

But you've broke that logic to add a request, so Nene has now MP and she can recover it sleeping. You've added those 2 requests in less than 24h too.

Mofu, with this update you've shown me that you don't care at all about your game and you add any request that they give to you. Except if it's mine of course, because you have something against me and you haven't fixed Cynthia's event in 52 updates, with something as simple as to add an obstacle that makes impossible for Nene to enter Cynthia's area without using the dog.

And you've also deleted the translations I made after 3 weeks, working every day, all day long to make them as good as possible.

But to break the game's story and mechanics due requests, that's perfect.

I'm sorry,I shouldn't talk about "sleep",Even just chatting,I didn't expect he really add it.My god.😓Yes,Mofu sometimes make promises easily, but changes easily,this is really uncomfortable.So sometimes I hope he can refuse, which is better than that.

No, he never discards the promises he makes to others, every promise he accepted from one user has been added or is being developed. Except mine who he has refused because he doesn't want to fix the event.

It's not really that big of a deal

(1 edit)

If he says that the story is exactly built over Nene being an elf that doesn't have any magic power, and the story will progress with this idea, it does.

I mean verbal refusal,because he always say"I will add xxx""OK,I will xxx",maybe sometimes he has promised too much, even sometime he may forgot what he has promised before.Like a film or animation director who has created too many side plots, and as a result, some of the original settings have been forgotten,then being criticized by audiences.

(1 edit)

Oh, he only makes that with me, and he doesn't forget about it, because later he says that he remembers what I told him, he just doesn't want to listen to me, and that's why Cynthia's event still being broken almost 1 year after it was added.

My god dude, you're getting pretty salty

Deleted 2 days ago

Why are you still here? I mean i only seeing you complaining about the game, people said that you're helping, but i guess Mofu doesn't want you're help in the first place, maybe, i don't know, search for other games, like play or help other people in other forums, but i guess you're so obsessed with this game and his creator, that you only think about him, even tho he has been "ignoring" you, so i'll say make another friends apart from being friends with Mofu, because at the end of the day, you're gonna be alone, this game is gonna be finished and poof, who knows what else, and i know you're gonna read this and be offended, and other people too, i'll just told you this advice, from stranger to stranger, if you wanna take it, i'm glad, but if not, i just want you to remember what i said, because when time passes, you will understand, maybe not now, but it's gonna hurt you a lot in the future

That's the advice that i give you, i just wait patiently pf what is to come

It's useless,he won't listen to you and even treat you as trolls, even if you are really persuading him.He always wants to control dev and use the fact that he helped the dev for long time to carry out moral blackmail,and he will never do introspection and he will never apologize to people who has been hurt by him.Being hurt by others?He deserved it!He can only trick people who don't know him.Give up to say these,he deserved to be insulted,unless he really realizes that he is wrong and stop being crazy later.

i think lip is a she

He said dev hates him,I think it's too normal,such an attitude,not hitting him is the greatest mercy to him.

He deleted,what a coward,he was guilty when he has been told the truth then he wants to evade his behavior now.

(1 edit)

I don't like to talk to trolls, but do you realize that you're making a mess in the comments section just to complain because I still here?

Go to other place to complain about me. And you've deleted your comments too and you're using a different account from your main account honney.


Hey lip i think the MP is some kind of Translation error BC her MP and her HP are mixed  up all the time. So regenerating her MP while she "rests" actually means regenerating HP... i think


No, try to use the action.


i tried and she just regerated her HP ohh maybe her MP where maxed bc i visited the shop before... sorry didnt put that in mind


You need to empty the bar, try it.


i did.... that sad. Also why use it? its faster to find a root travel to the shop and enter it..

Lip, I apologize for the grief I have caused you.😞I can add simple requests quickly. But changing the storyline or changing fundamental systems is very difficult. The same goes for the structure regarding equipment and body shape. Also, for the first time ever, the mc can recover MP, but I will stop this and heal it to life only.

(1 edit)

Mofu, you've done exactly that with those requests that you've added 😅, I didn't asked to make such a thing in this message. I've said the opposite.


I found a "bug" in the Android version. When youre in the games inventory/gallery the icons say you can move the tabs with the RB and LB buttons but you can't. First there is no LB button in the android UI. Second you Have to use the LS and RS buttons. Not a problem at all once you figure it out but confusing.


And PC doesn't have that and the game shows it anyway because Mofu is developing this with a controller, even the defeat scene with Remy has a fake A button.


Thank you for sharing that bug!👍 I'll check that out in Android version.


Hey mofu a thing that just popped into my head after using the Masturbation emote against the deebuff. would it be possible to add an Half errect State of Nene's penis and the full errect variant to her Animation just like the animation for Wuelie is made ? Would make the action a bit nicer to look at and make it a bit more Realistic. But it's just an idea so if it's too much work just let it slide. 


Now he will add it 😓.


Ahhh im confident he wont until he thinks its a good time for doing so. And im also verry happy if he just keeps fixing the occurring bugs. Every progress is good progress.


He will if you don't delete your message, you will see it tomorrow.


Yes, indeed, the state of her penis is not reflected in the sprites and I would like to add that. Thank you for your nice ideas🤗

please dont rush  this its just a side note 

(1 edit) (+1)

1.Has a bug when the puppet atk the mushrooms, MR become invicible: it not move and can't be hit. It's happen when i farm MR near the shop

2. At the big ball debuff, when i decrease it down then the debuff icon not disappear.

And i want to ask: how to find the semen for the statue?

Then after all, where can i find rare item?


You can find the swmen in the sex scene with wuelie after her foght. Go with a bottle and you will get it.

It's only implemented in her right now.


1. Sorry that bug has not been fixed. That has been pointed out to me in the past, but I have not been able to reproduce it and have not been able to determine the cause.

2. I don't know the cause of that bug either.😓 But I would like to fix it in the next update. 

3. It's currently only implemented in the rabbit girl.


I love this game so much i want Mofu to Make a patreon so badly so i can support him for his great work.


Thank you! I hope to get started on that when I have a little more time🤗

He can't make a patreon, but he has a subscribestar account.

why is nene sometimes circumcized and sometimes not? 

(1 edit)

Nene has an uncircumcised penis, so her penis only shows the head when it's erect or the skin is retracted.

I know this and I'm a girl 😓. You need to study more.

(1 edit) (+2)

A penis with foreskin can be fully closed while flacid.

But unlike phimosis it can be fully retracted, a penis with foreskin is cuter than a penis without it.

Absolutely also the movement of a penis out of his foreskin when getting aroused is just super nice.


(1 edit) (+4)

Phimosis and foreskin are the best 👍🏻. I find it way more cute than a circumcised penis.

(2 edits)

Золотые слова, редко такое слышишь от девушки :З

Вот только парни с необрезанным членом фимоз. Ведь головка члена, все равно видна полностью при эрекции..


A phimosis cant be retracted. Nene is just uncircumsized. With Phimosis you would never see the full Glans. Sorry to correct you


Well yes, I mean that 🤔, I but I still calling it "phimosis" due the foreskin covering the whole penis while flacid.

But yes, it's not correct to call it like that.

(1 edit) (+2)

Its a common "error"  because of especially the Hentai sector of porn to refer to all Penises with Foreskin as Phimotic. Sadly.

Why you know these so much?😏😏😏

he's right, I've also heard it from some girls

Because i have an uncut BF who had phimosis as a kid and he had to go to extreme stress to keep it because he didn't want to be circumsized. Also I like penises with Foreskin way more than cut Penises. And you know I'm active on pages like this.


I've already made another reply saying that it's because I love foreskin 🤔.

is it weird i learned about uncut dick from a random ass girl on a porn game site?

Totally not

Because no one circumsized her penis. So in flaccid state the foreskin covers her penis.


By the way, will there be a picture of the mysterious woman having sex in the future?


Yes, every girl in the game will have sex scenes.

Yes, I plan to make it👍


I will save up to buy this game 



Thank you! This will be about 8$👍




Mofu, just in case you doubt about this, it's a troll making spam 😓.


Lip, please don't worry about it👍










The following translation is from Baidu Translation

I found two bugs. The first one is that when I hit the mushroom monster (the mushroom monster’s name has four Chinese word( I don’t know hers English name, which is on the left side of the angel statue), it still has about a quarter of its life, and it will jump to the sky and never come down. The second is that the mushroom monster, after defeating it and returning to that place again, will trigger the dialogue with the mushroom gathering NPC again and fight with the mushroom monster.


The first bug it's been fixed in the last version according to what Mofu says.

And the second one isn't a bug, it's made like that on purpose.



mofu this game is a work of art can i ask how much the game would cost approximately is to save money haha  What platforms is it possibly sold on?  thanks in advance for answering

Steam and


Yes, thank you Lip for answering that🤗








Thank you Lip for linking them!🤗



(+1) is working really bad at least for me. So it's hard to reply since I can't, I get an error.

Yes, sometimes has errors and can't reply.





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"""""""""""""""It's very easy, you just need to draw an image and the game starts to develop by itself in just a few seconds, even the animations""""""""""""""".


















我汇报一个bug,那个面具往那个下面一扔下去没有那个面具,那个面具就消失了,这是一个bug希望你能越做越好,我超喜欢你这游戏,希望你更新的速度能快一点,我来自中国🌚👍     💪🌝

谢谢你与我分享这个bug!🙏 也感谢你喜欢这个游戏👍

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